While in India, the land of spices may give your stomach a hard time. It is thus best to opt for simple, vegetarian food, which is mild on the spices and heat. Be sure to avoid eating from road side eating joints, and look for clean and busy restaurants for your meals. Since most bugs and viruses enter your system through drinking water, make sure to always carry and drink only packaged drinking water, needless to mention, buy the packaged water from big retail shops, instead of smaller joints.


While a pair of shorts or a sundress is not unheard of in India, it is best to dress modestly while travelling in India. While travelling across remote areas and visiting crowded tourist spots around cities and towns, it is wise to dawn clothes that cover your arms and legs, so as to both, protect you from getting sunburnt and help you avoid uncomfortable circumstances.


India is a land of varied cultures and languages, and while the local dialect changes every few miles, a large population of the country speaks the language known as ‘Hindi’, but that being said, if you know English, you will not face much trouble while communicating with either the officials or the locals. A huge chunk of the population in India, is comfortable with communicating in English, except the rural population. Chances are that you would almost never land in a situation where no one understands English.


It probably is a no brainer that you should never travel without travel insurance, because losing your valuables in a foreign land, is a nightmare come true. Travel insurance not only protects you in case of mishaps, delays or cancellations, but at a fraction of the cost of your travel, allows you to travel with 100% protection of your assets. Thus, while travelling to India, be sure to get travel insurance.


A first aid kit with basic medical aid and a few elementary medicines is the first thing that you should pack, when planning to travel abroad. When travelling to India, apart from medicines for fever, body ache, cold, cough, stomach ache, stomach flu and headache, be sure to carry sunscreen, to protect yourself from sunburns. It is also highly advisable to take extra care if you have food related allergies. Do enquire before consuming any food item and always carry your medicines on your person.

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