Down, not-so-under, South

God’s own country, Kerala is one of the most famous holiday destinations in India. Kerala serves for an exciting trip for its diverse geography, rich culture, exotic locations, and off course, the sumptuous cuisine. If you still need convincing to take a trip to the beautiful state, here are some exciting facts about Keralam!

*The name Kerala comes from the Malayalam word, “Keram” which means coconut. Given the abundance of coconut in the state, the name seems apt!

*Kerala has had a long, peaceful association with elephants. Elephants are not only considered sacred by the Keralites, they are also adorned with jewels and rich cloth during the festivals and are offered prayers. Check out the state emblem!

*The natives of Kerala are not only the most literate, but live the longest as well! Yes, according to a census in 2011, Kerala has the highest life expectancy of all states in India.

*Kerala is one of the only states where you can enjoy a sunset, lounging at one of its picturesque beaches, take a short hike on of its lush green hills, enjoy a boat ride on its fertile backwaters and enjoy a refreshing shower under one of its cascading waterfalls. Now that’s diversity at its best!

*Kalaripayattu, a 3000 year old martial art form, which originated in Kerala, is said to have inspired Shaolin, the Chinese form of martial art. A Kalaripayattu performance is a must watch for every visitor.

*Onam, one of the most famous festivals of India, involves a 24 course meal called Sadya, which is enjoyed by the members of the family during Onam. 24 Courses!

*The fishermen of Kochi, in Kerala, use Chinese nets to fish every day. The Chinese nest are said to have been introduced by a Chinese ruler, and are still used by local fishermen, to this very day!