Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura constitute the seven sisters of North East India and are also known as the “undiscovered paradise”. The seven sisters of the North East are a curious bunch of closely knit states, similar yet diverse in their culture. The North East India is an untapped territory and the tourists are welcomed by lush greens, baffling fauna and ever smiling people. To truly experience and soak in the North East, you require at least two weeks, however, here are a few interesting attractions that you can add to your list, if you are planning to pay a quick visit to the seven sisters.

Begin your trip across the North East India with Darjeeling, and the best way to reach Darjeeling is to take the Toy Train. When in Darjeeling, do visit the famous black tea plantations and do not forget to shop at the famous markets in Siliguri, the capital of Darjeeling.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a haven for trekkers and campers. With its variety of Orchids and beastly feline, namely tiger, leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard, the state has a rich culture for the tourists to explore. Do not miss a visit to the Tawang Monastery!


If you harbour a love for kayaking, canoeing, river rafting and parasailing, Brahmaputra and its tributaries, flowing through Assam will fulfil all your wishes. A visit to Assam is incomplete without a visit to the Kaziranga National Park. Kaziranga boasts of housing two thirds of the world population of Rhinoceros, a jeep safari through the park might help you spot a few rhinos, and if you get lucky enough, you can spot a lion too!

The best way to experience Kaziranga National Park is by spending a night in the park, in one their bamboo huts.


Known as the Switzerland of the East, Manipur houses the world’s only floating sanctuary called Keibul Lamjao. When in Manipur, do not forget to witness their famous sport, boat racing or Hiyang Tanaba.


House to the famous Garo and Khasi tribes, Meghalaya is known for its many museums. The Don Bosco museum is one to not be missed.

Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, is house to world’s only ‘Root Bridges’. These bridges are made the roots of Ficus Elastica tree and take up to 15 years to grow. They can hold the weight of up to 30 people!


Mizoram is popular among tourists for its dramatic landscape and a pleasant climate. House to famous hill stations like Hmuifang and Reiek Tlang, Mizoram offers the spectacular view of the two tiered waterfall, Vantawng Falls.


Nagaland is a state with a colourful culture. It provides perfect ground for trekking and camping and is an ideal place for shopping for souvenirs, handmade articles made of bamboo and wood and handmade ornaments. Weaving, spinning and dyeing are arts kept alive by the folks of Nagaland!


Also known as the Queen of Eastern hills, Tripura is a haven for wildlife lovers as it is house to various wildlife sanctuaries such as Gomati Wildlife Sanctuary, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary etc. Tripura is also ideal for wildlife photography!

Neermahal is one of the major attractions in Tripura. It is the only water palace in North East and the second largest after Jal Mahal in Rajasthan. The Neermahal is situated in the middle of lake Rudrasagar and is visited by migratory birds every winter.